Hackney and the City :: Central & East London Breast Screening Service
We are in the process of centralising the Breast Screening booking system across the London NHS Breast Screening Programme and soon we will have a new centralised hub where you will be able to change your appointments online. For general appointment enquires or to change your appointment please contact us on 020 3758 2024.

Information in other languages

Information about breast screening should be available to everybody. This area of the website lets you change information into the different languages that are commonly spoken in London.

The website uses a tool called 'Google translate' to automatically change one language into another via the internet. This is a valuable service, but it is automated so can present some problems with word for word translation. We have tried to use plain English on the website so it is clear and easy to read, and the automated translation makes it accessible to many more people.

If you require further language assistance, please contact The Barts and the London health advocacy service on

Free phone: 0800 056 6359

Hackney and the City


We are running a project in Hackney that aims to make attending your breast screening appointment easier. Every three years women over 50 will receive an invitation to attend breast screening, we want to make this as convenient as possible.

Trained health guides will call you before your...

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Hackney Park

We are working in Hackney to raise awareness about the importance of breast screening. We are running awareness sessions in community centres, schools, GP’s and other community spaces to highlight how important breast screening is. These interactive sessions include what is breast screening,...

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