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We are in the process of centralising the Breast Screening booking system across the London NHS Breast Screening Programme and soon we will have a new centralised hub where you will be able to change your appointments online. For general appointment enquires or to change your appointment please contact us on 020 3758 2024.

Information in other languages

Information about breast screening should be available to everybody. This area of the website lets you change information into the different languages that are commonly spoken in London.

The website uses a tool called 'Google translate' to automatically change one language into another via the internet. This is a valuable service, but it is automated so can present some problems with word for word translation. We have tried to use plain English on the website so it is clear and easy to read, and the automated translation makes it accessible to many more people.

If you require further language assistance, please contact The Barts and the London health advocacy service on

Free phone: 0800 056 6359


CELBSS believes very strongly that the information on our website should be easy to access by everyone.

Meeting standards
We are committed to complying with the Disability Discrimination Act and have made significant improvements to our new site in order to reduce the barriers experienced by people with disabilities.

Our website has been designed and built to meet the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) web content accessibility 'AA' guidelines.

We are aware, however, that occasionally we do make mistakes. If you find any of our pages inaccessible please contact us. Please include details of the technology you are using and we will make every reasonable effort to either remove the barrier or provide the information in a format that you find acceptable.

Accessibility help
We have linked with AbilityNet whose accessibility guide provides comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on how to adjust your computer and browser according to your needs, such as for sight or hearing problems. This includes information such as how to make the text larger in different browsers, change your keyboard or mouse settings, or increase colour contrast. If you require help setting up your computer and web browser to suit your needs please click here.

Alternative text
We use alternative (alt) text labels on all the graphics on the website. These appear when the image is not available and provide a description of the graphic that can be read in screen readers.

We believe that those people who understand written information better if it is written in their own language (not English), should have this need provided for. We have chosen to use the automatic translation service ‘Google translate’ in order to provide alternative language options on our website.

‘Google translate’ is an effective and affordable way of providing written translation in as many languages as possible. However, the service does have its limitations. Some of the translated text may have grammatical or structural errors, despite the fact we have carefully considered all of the text on the site, and written it with the intent that such instances be minimised. We apologise if you find this frustrating.

The film has been dubbed into Benglai (Sylheti dialect) and Somalian because:

  1. The level of mother tounge and English illiteracy amongst these populations is high
  2. The dialect spoken by the local population does not exist as a written language.

All text links within our site have been written so that they make sense when read out of context (eg by screen readers).

Change the text size
Visitors can easily increase the size of text on the website by clicking on the ‘Increase text size’ link at the top of any page (AAA).

Site visitors can also change the size of the text on screen by using the settings in their browser as follows:

    * using Internet Explorer, select View > Text Size and select the preferred size
    * using Netscape, select View > Text Zoom and select the preferred percentage size
    * using Mozilla Firefox, select View > Text size and select increase or decrease.

Colours and contrast
The colours used on the site have been carefully selected to provide appropriate contrast between text and background. If you require the site in alternative colour versions please click here to adjust your browser settings.

Downloading documents
On this website we provide downloadable documents in PDF format. If you have difficulties obtaining information from a PDF you can use Adobe's web-based conversion service to produce an HTML version. However, please be aware that the standard of HTML produced is not very good.

If any downloadable document presents a barrier to accessing information, please contact us to let us know. Please include details of the document in question, the problems encountered and what we can do to help.

Published: Feb 2012